Air Duct Cleaning

Ducct Busters' air duct cleaning is York Region's premier air duct cleaning service using the latest technology to efficiently and professionally clean all the air ducts in your house effectively reducing pollutants that are not good for those suffering from Asthma or other Respiratory Illnesses. Hire Ducct Busters to clean your air ducts and remove these particulates and improve the air quality in your house. Our services include a powerful air spray wash of all of the ducts and furnace surface. All cold air return faceplates are hand wiped before being replaced. Contact us today for a free quote!


Duct Cleaning Services in York Region

Providing duct cleaning solutions for residential and commercial properties across York Region. We are proud to keep your living or work space clean and healthy giving all our happy customers peace of mind.

Duct Cleaning

Residential, Commercial, & Industrial Air duct cleaning across all of York Region.

HVAC Cleaning

Residential, Commercial, & Industrial heating and air conditioning cleaning across all of York Region.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Residential, Commercial, & Industrial Dryer Vent cleaning replacement across all of York Region.

Air Duct Cleaning
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    Experienced Staff

    We have been in the business of duct cleaning for over 10 years.

    Best Equipment

    We use state-of-the-art technologies for residential and commercial grade jobs. 

    Natural Products

    We only use natural cleaning products to keep your family and pets safe.
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    Ducct BustersDucct Busters

    "I would like to recommend this company. They are punctual and did a good job on duct cleaning in Newmarket. The tenants are happy with their service. No hidden cost. "
    Gary B.
    "Thank You Yuri for the thorough job you did cleaning out the ducts and vents. I highly recommend DuctPro for its dedicated workmanship and personal attention."
    Theresa W.
    Business Owner
    "Excellent service! We hired DuctPro to clean all the duct vents, central vacuum, dryer vent, and washroom fans. They did an amazing job. Highly recommended!"
    Philip M.
    "Yuri came on a Saturday morning to clean the air ducts in our home. Very thorough job done. We would definitely recommend this company and technician. Thank you"
    Marie W.

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    DuctPro Service
    Your house is a dust trap. In every room, through every window dust, animal hair and dander, pollen, and micro-fibers travel through the air and through your heating and air ducts potentially creating unnecessary health risks for your family. Reduce the risk today.
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